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GSI is committed to providing professional service to small and mid-size commercial and government contractors in need of Managed Security Services, Human Resources Management, Payroll Services, SWFT Fingerprinting, and Recruiting Management.

We provide cost savings through our innovative strategies that streamline Human Resource functions and Security service needs. We promote your business growth by taking the administrative burden off executives so they can invest more time on growing your business.


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Our Services

GSI offers Managed Security Services, Human Resources Management, Payroll Services, SWFT Fingerprinting, and Recruiting Management.

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  • Managed Security Services

    GSI offers reliable Managed Security Services with cost-saving benefits that eliminate your need to hire, train, and retain staff. Our team of trained Facility Security Officers (FSOs) and Security Professionals can plan, develop, monitor, and continually assess your industrial security operations to maintain compliance with the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) and the 32 CFR Part 117, also known as the “New National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM).”

    You gain the time needed to focus on business growth and reinvestments while we manage the changes in the security industry and execution of tasks.

    We provide high-level expertise and solutions that are tailored to the goals and needs of each company, ranging from startups to well-established organizations. We work together with your leadership team to ensure successful compliance with government regulations.


  • Human Resources Management

    Global Solution’s Human Resource team provides comprehensive HR services supporting the full employee life cycle, starting with offer letters and ending with off-boarding. With our expertise, we develop innovative cost-effective solutions for small and medium-sized businesses that make employees feel valued, keep you compliant, and solve unique HR problems. When managed well, the Human Resource function positively affects culture, overall company productivity, employee retention, and the recruitment of high-quality candidates.

    Our HR consulting goal is to help you identify and build a strong, Human Resources function that seamlessly conducts all aspects of a successful HR. With our comprehensive knowledge and experience providing in-depth human capital management and expansive HR services, GSI can create tailored processes and systems, while maintaining your compliance with laws and regulations.


  • Payroll

    Poorly managed payroll can result in upset employees, non-compliance, and inaccurate employment records. GSI has experience in running payroll in all 50 states, Canada, and the United Kingdom. We run payroll on the platform of your choice. We keep you compliant, alleviate the administration burden payroll creates, while saving an organization money compared to the cost of hiring an internal payroll manager.

    Being system agnostic means we are experts on most major payroll platforms and have experience with smaller, more affordable regional payroll platforms.

    We save business owners time by managing payroll calculations, deductions, timesheets, and employee queries. We submit management reports to keep you well informed and can accommodate any pay cycle cadence.


  • SWFT Fingerprinting

    Cleared Defense Contractors (CDCs) are required to submit electronic fingerprints, but the cost of a machine is prohibitive to small and mid-size companies that do not process large volumes of fingerprints each year. GSI provides an electronic fingerprinting option to support these small and mid-size businesses. Electronic fingerprints will be digitally imaged using an approved LiveScan machine, CardScan device, or through a third-party partner. GSI can also submit the electronic fingerprint file through the Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission (SWFT) system on your behalf at costs that are affordable.


  • Recruiting Management

    GSI has longstanding relationships with staff recruitment firms and outside recruiters. We work with hiring managers to create job descriptions and identify pertinent skill sets. Our large recruitment network can expand the reach of your career opportunity notices, posting on numerous websites and company sites.

    We work with hiring managers to create a job and assist hiring managers in setting up interviews. Our experienced staff will liaison between staffing firms and hiring managers, assist hiring managers and staffing firms to work more efficiently together, and more.


Get To Know Us

Global Solutions Inc. (GSI) are experts in Industrial Security compliance, Human Resource services, HR processes, Payroll, and other back-end office support. With our expertise, we develop innovative, cost-effective solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. We remove administrative burden, compliance concerns and allow you to focus on expanding your business, promoting overall growth. GSI walks side by side with you navigating your unique business issues and strategies.

Our internal stability and retention offers your workforce transaction ease over the long-term. Our consultant three-tiered support approach make us one of the most cost-effective and the preferred service provider for Managed Security Services and Human Capital Management.


Our Core Values


Foster creativity that challenges constraints and driv`es progress. We question conventional wisdom and challenge the status quo. If there is a better way, we’ll find it.


Honor our commitment to those we serve to meet expectations. We own up to and learn from our mistakes and do the right thing always.


Have the courage to rise above the challenges to work through adversity, inspire others, and create a vision.


Respect differences and create an inclusive environment where our employees, customers, and community feel welcomed, safe and valued.

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