About Us

Your Industrial Security & HR Management Partners

GSI was founded in May 2013 providing Managed Security Services supporting federal contractors and their security needs. Since its inception, Global Solutions has grown to be more than just a managed security services company through its business partners and expansion of management.

In 2018, GSI added Sarah as President, to provide a variety of back-office support services with large-scale Human Resources Management, Payroll, and Recruiting Management Services. As a combined management team, we work together with our clients and their workforce to ensure compliance and exceed performance standards.

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Our Team

Adam Mitchell - CEO & SR Security Consultant


Adam Mitchell is the CEO and Sr. Security Consultant leading GSI’s Managed Security practice by supporting clients of small-to-large organizations in their strategy, execution, and consolidation of their overall Security function across multiple industries.

During his tenure he has been able to make security a successful service to help meet a business’s goals and strategy while leading teams in various locations, interacting with multiple levels of management and other departments. He has led security integrations in M&A transactions, splits, and transformations working with various private equity organizations and legal advisors to ensure a full and complete changed condition package is submitted to DCSA for their reporting requirements. He has also participated in FOCI conferences, and supported business that are owned with foreign interest to develop mature and cohesive FOCI programs and to ensure more stringent requirements are met with DCSA.

He is also a member of the National Classification Management Society (NCMS) and a member of the Steering Committee of the Training, Resources, and Information Security Awareness Council (TRI-SAC) which is a partnership with DCSA’s Herndon2 Field Office and Industry. Adam has been a speaker at the Annual TRI-SAC Training Seminar speaking on security matters and served on various panels.


Our Mission

To be a leading service provider of back-office functions and provide expert guidance and resources in an ever-changing society that demands more time. We enable businesses to get back the time they need to devote to their growth.

Our Core Values


Foster creativity that challenges constraints and drives progress. We question conventional wisdom and challenge the status quo. If there is a better way, we’ll find it.


Honor our commitment to those we serve to meet expectations. We own up to and learn from our mistakes and do the right thing always.


Have the courage to rise above the challenges to work through adversity, inspire others, and create a vision.


Respect differences and create an inclusive environment where our employees, customers, and community feel welcomed, safe and valued.