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Human Resource Management & Policy: Post-Pandemic Re-examination

While the pandemic forced more companies to embrace remote work, it’s likely employees will expect to have the option to work remotely or, at least, a hybrid of on-site and at-home, moving forward.

While many employees feel empowered by the flexibility of remote and hybrid work, according to The ADP Research Institute’s People at Work 2021: A Global Workforce View, only 63% of survey respondents feel their company is providing the equipment they need to do their job remotely.

This presents a heightened risk of security breaches if staff is using personal equipment to complete their work. Keeping data secure is just one of many hurdles facing employers who offer hybrid or remote work as an option to their staff.

Yet to refuse to offer remote or hybrid work could make it extremely challenging to hire and retain quality staff.

Businesses should re-examine their human resource management and policies post-pandemic as COVID drastically, and permanently, changed the work environment.

New HR Challenges to Face Post-Pandemic

How do you monitor and manage teams working in different venues, possibly at different times?

Do you have written policies regarding flexible work expectations so that when challenges arise, you can clearly and fairly assess each situation and take actions that are in your company’s best interest?

More than half of working parents evaluated for the ADP Research survey say their managers allow them more flexibility than their company rules state; a significant proportion, however, said their managers allowed less flexibility than their company policy states. How will you ensure your company’s policies are consistently applied?

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Why Outsource HR Functions Post-Pandemic?

Through HR outsourcing, you can gain a team of experienced HR strategists with no overhead and your in-house HR professionals are freed to focus on more strategic efforts.

Global Solutions offers a three-tiered business support model. Our rates match the level of skill needed to complete the required task you specify, rather than charge for all levels of work and/or HR management tasks you aren’t seeking.

With workers remote, what processes are in place to monitor sensitive data, employee productivity, and how will you assess employee satisfaction? There’s a lot that’s been added to the HR mix post-pandemic and our staff is well prepared to help your HR team tackle it.

Don’t let these issues go unresolved, lost in the everyday machinations of running a business.

Let’s start a conversation and start strategizing ways to meet the post-pandemic needs of your company.