Payroll Services

Poorly managed payroll can result in upset employees, non-compliance, and inaccurate employment records. GSI has experience in running payroll in all 50 states, Canada, and the United Kingdom. We run payroll on the platform of your choice. We keep you compliant, alleviate the administration burden payroll creates, while saving an organization money compared to the cost of hiring an internal payroll manager.

Being system agnostic means we are experts on most major payroll platforms and have experience with smaller, more affordable regional payroll platforms.

We save business owners time by managing payroll calculations, deductions, timesheets, and employee queries. We submit management reports to keep you well informed and can accommodate any pay cycle cadence.

various graphs and charts on a laptop computer

Time Keeping and Payroll Support:

  • Conduct payroll for all W-2 employees on client selected payroll platform
  • Monitor, track, and update timesheets and time keeping system
  • Set up tax withholdings for employees in compliance with federal, state, and local tax laws
  • Work directly with employees to ensure timesheets are submitted accurately and on time
  • Act as Point of Contact for all employee payroll and timesheet questions
  • Enter new hires and terminations into the payroll system
  • Maintain accurate and compliant payroll files